My Journey As A Beginner In Online Marketing

Looking back at my life over a span of 30 years or more, I found myself remembering the numerous bosses, working under stressful conditions, living from pay check to pay check, and working in dead end jobs and knew immediately I had to take drastic measures to take control of my life. Through lots of research, I found that the best way to find that lifestyle I was dreaming of was to start my own Online Marketing  Business.Beginner's Journey to Online Marketing

In setting a goal to change my lifestyle, I found myself spending countless hours in front of the computer trying to find an authentic online business.  After a few failed attempts of online marketing, I became frustrated and was tempted to give up my dreams when I finally stumbled across this young man speaking about the great opportunities of starting an online marketing business.  At first I was skeptical and thought “Here I go again. Listening to the same promising sales pitch of having that perfect dream home, exciting get away exotic vacations, that expensive sports car, and more money than a person can dream of.”  But as I continued to listen, I realized that he was not promising that get rich quick scheme, matter of fact, he was saying just the opposite; that there was no such system that existed.

Now everything was beginning to fall in place, to sound more realistic, and a glimmer of hope began to spring up within me again.  Have I finally found that niche? That needle in the haystack business that I’ve been searching for?

This young man just so happened to be one of the co-founders of this online business community called the “Six Figure Mentors” (SFM). His testimony of how he started his journey in online marketing was very similar to what I had been experiencing, “ The long hours searching the internet, the failed online business attempts, the trials and errors, and all the frustrations that comes along with trying to start a new business.”

He continued with how the community pride itself in providing sub-affiliates, the best affiliate marketing education, a state of the art system that’s already set up and ready for business as well as various tools and resources.  Whether you choose to market your own product or service, one of theirs, or both, everything you need to get started is there.  They want you to operate under the assumption that if there is anything they genuinely think will enhance your experience (as long as it’s in accordance with their published values and compliance guidelines) you can count on them to provide it for you.

Every successful entrepreneur must be aware that sustainable success is always earned.  They will also teach and guide you on your journey, but the success you attain will be a result of your hard work and diligence.  You will learn how to master affiliate marketing, and once you’ve obtained the knowledge, you will be able to write your own paycheck and have the liberty to work from anywhere in the world with and internet connection and a computer.

I decided to join this community and has received and reviewed so much information that’s provided as promised.  I decided to start in affiliate marketing in which I plan to venture into other areas of online marketing after I become an expert.  I have a website that is already available and operational for me to start my blogging and advertising.

One of my first task was to prepare for a live online workshop (webinar).  The workshop was designed to help me dream again. Once the workshop was completed, I felt like the world was my oyster in which I had developed a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Your Journey To Success

Your Journey To Success

After the webinar, I had to start putting my actions into motion, by setting up a 90-day action plan which clearly defined the steps I had to take in order to achieve my goals.   In this step, I met up with experts who reviewed my plans and helped me create a strong marketing and business plan based on my budget, unique circumstances and situation. This was the final step before I began to set up my marketing systems and get to work.

I had to remember that in order for my business to grow, I had to take consistent action daily.  Marketing is about strategy, consistent advertising and promoting my business.  There were times when I felt overwhelmed but the community is there to assist me in any problem I may be experiencing.  I also have a consultant that was assigned to me if I ran into a wall.

When I was in my fourth month as a member with the community, I finally earned my first check and the feeling was no more than pure excitement! Through hard work, learning how to discipline myself, diligence and staying committed I believe I’m finally on my way to success!

Today, I’m glad I took that leap of faith and joined the SFM community. I find that the SFM program that’s offered is light-years apart from most of the other marketing opportunities found online.

If you believe you”ve got what it takes to become a Successful Online Marketer, come check out the fantastic opportunities within our Online Marketing Community .