List Building

 List Building is the process of gathering an unlimited amount of followers for the purpose of delivering important news, products or events.  It is a crucial marketing task for Affiliate Marketers.

E-mail marketing

You may well have heard the saying… “the money is in the list”… but that`s only the half of it. I`ve heard of many marketers online who have lists of in excess of 100,000 subscribers yet make only “pocket money” sales from them.

On the other hand, in 2008, one marketer was known to have  built one list of less than 8,000 subscribers that generated over $480,000 in affiliate commissions from a standing start and within 12 months!

So please believe me when I say a big list does not necessarily monetise more than a smaller list. However a quality, well looked after list will beat a poorly targeted and burnt out one… hands down!

`The relationship with the people on your list is fundamental… but you still need to grow a list, and a targeted, quality one too.

Building a quality list of responsive and well targeted subscribers is without doubt one of the most essential items when determining the success of your online business. So you really must make sure you learn how to look after your prospects… Because if you don`t – someone else will!

The best way I have found time and time again to achieve this is simply to give people no-strings-attached quality upfront, with exceptional value each and every time you communicate, you`ll find people are eager to want more, and will want to listen to you and open the messages you send.

So go ahead and start building your own list

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