Create A Profitable Future In Online Marketing

Due to the instability within the economy, people are beginning to experience a sense of job insecurity and are seeking different options in securing their future.  One such option is to start their own business in online marketing. Online Marketing is growing enormously among an increasing number of people who are searching for job security.  Starting an online business can be challenging as well as rewarding.  To create a profitable future in Online Marketing, it is beneficial to start learning some of the basic knowledge involved in starting a business.job security

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand.  It is a set of rules that can be followed by web site (or blog) owners to optimize their web sites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings. In addition, it is also a great way to increase the quality of your web sites by making them user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

If you have a web site, blog or online store, SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives.




Create a Website

Before you start an Online Marketing Business, you need to build a Website.  As you can see in the figure above WordPress is the most popular platform used to build your website.

Why WordPress is better than the rest?  Because it’s AWESOME! But more importantly…It’s totally FREE, with loads of layouts to choose from and it’s extremely beginner-friendly.  If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you already know how add your own content.

WordPress can be expanded with free plugins to handle just about any site you can imagine – from gorgeous business pages to social networking sites. With “plugins” you’ll be able to add contact forms, subscription forms, image galleries and so on for your website – pretty simple, huh?

Content Writing

To get your name out there and start developing trust with your customers, you must give them value.  To do this you must begin to understand who your audience is and begin to communicate with them through blogging and articles. This means creating the writing which appears on websites that are designed to sell or promote a specific product.

Blogs and Articles writings are often used to increase traffic to your site. Bloggers and article writers often take for granted the fact that their work sometimes allows for the interjection of personal opinion.

Remember, content is king of advertising and internet marketing.  It’s all about content in the internet world so be ready to write!


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.  This platform helps to promote your website and products as well as building engaging followers.

The starting point for growing your audience on any social network is to start developing a strong profile of yourself… often referred to as Branding. This requires cover and profile photos and filling out all the details about yourself. On Twitter, that’s as simple as a 160-character bio, website link and location. Facebook wants a short description, website link, address and phone number. In short, fill out as many fields for your social profiles and pages as you can.

Having a strong social media presence on the internet is the key to tapping into your customers’ interest which can bring remarkable success to your business.

Pay Per Clickonline marketing2

Pay Per Click (PPC), sometimes referred to as cost per click, is used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

This method is very popular among online marketers and other home based business owners that sell products or services online.  Pay per click advertising is a great way to get visitors when you need traffic and you need it now. But it’s risky: With poor management, you can spend a fortune, generate many visits, and end up with nothing to show for it.

Most pay per click advertising requires that you write a couple short descriptive phrases about your service. Don’t underestimate the importance of this – make sure, at a minimum, that your grammar, spelling and overall language is correct and appropriate for your audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing occurs when a company sends a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email. This is done most commonly through advertisements, requests for business, or sales or donation solicitation.

Email communication is Critical to the success of your business because it helps to build customer loyalty, trust in a product or company or brand recognition. Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your business.

marketing for beginners

Hopefully, I have given you some helpful information that will assist you in starting your own internet business.  If you are seeking the ultimate job security, or increasing your earnings, this is an option you should consider. To learn more about this opportunity to secure your future, please click here.

Is Fear Preventing You From Becoming Your Own Boss

With the stress and lack of independence that’s found in the workplace today, many are dreaming of becoming their own boss.  But unfortunately for most, there is one major obstacle that stands in their way… the fear of failure.thNME5AJIZ

For many, the fear of failure is a common experience at the start of any new endeavor.  When fear becomes more real than the potential gain, it can hinder or even paralyze you.  Giving in to it prevents you from moving forward.    No matter what your fears, you must learn how to acknowledge, confront and take ownership of them so that nothing can hold you back in becoming successful.

Become your own boss by acknowledging your fears.

First of all, you must recognize that fear is part of human nature.  Part of this nature involves our ego and identify as being so wrapped up in what we are doing that when things don’t go as we planned, we literally feel that we are failures.  We take failure very personal in which we associate it with a bigger story of ourselves.  We are taking the failure to mean “I’m not good”, “I can never be successful”.

Most beginner entrepreneurs experience that small inner voice that says:   What if I try and do something I am passionate about and fail — what will people think, and what will it say about me? What if I don’t make any money, go bankrupt, lose my house, and end up on the street? We are so afraid to step out because we are worried about failing. It’s been said that Edison failed 1,000 times before he succeeded in creating the lightbulb.

That comfort zone of ours can be quite a motivator to stay where we are. But when we live in that space, we do not expand, grow, learn, or experience all that life has to offer. This is living a life of muted mediocrity, and who want to live like that?thS5A92FFS

Become your own boss by confronting your fears.

Next thing you must do is to face your fears head on.  To do this, you must change your mindset to that of an entrepreneur.  Some people say that the one thing successful entrepreneurs has in common that everyone else is missing is “guts and courage”.  By rewiring your brain, you shed old habits and patterns by thinking and acting differently.

Think of a situation in which you are afraid of failure.  Visualize yourself staring at the obstacle and at the same time allow yourself to feel the fear, and then see yourself moving forward. Next spend a few minutes planning how to overcome whatever obstacles may stand in your way.  Then see yourself succeeding despite these obstacles.

Confront your fears by using it to your advantage rather than dreading it. Know that fear comes from a lack of understanding.  Refrain from failure by shifting your goals to continuously learning something new about your business which would challenge you.  Take one step at a time by focusing on becoming an expert in that area. Once you accomplish this area go to another and repeat the same steps.  Just practice, practice, practice, then come up with a plan to succeed, then get all the skills and info you need to implement the plan, then practice some more. Then go out and implement the plan!

Become your own boss by taking ownership of your fears.

Now that you know why you’re not in control of your life and what it is you’re afraid of, it’s time to take ownership over your fears and make changes.  You don’t have to immediately quit your job in order to take control, over your life.  You can start small and work your way up to the bigger life changes.  Start growing confident and then rock the world with your new found freedom.

There is nothing more rewarding than being in full control of your life. Once you realize that, “Yes, I can have that power too,” there is no end to the possibilities and opportunities that will present themselves. You’ll soon see that the world is only waiting for you to make a dent in the universe. What are you waiting for then?

You owe it to yourself to take this leap before it is too late.

Question: What do you need to do next to take control of your life? Learn how to become your own boss by clicking here.