Improving Your Quality Of Life

In today’s modern society, I find that the average household’s quality of life seems to have taken a downhill spiral.  I’m thinking of the thousands of everyday people who has found themselves caught up in what seems to be a vicious and never-ending cycle of day to day frustrations.  Thus, issues like independence,finances, and peace of mind has become their main focus in order to break this cycle. The question is, “How can they go about accomplishing such a feat”?

Freedom to enjoy your life.

Freedom to enjoy your life.

First of all, let me paint a mental picture of what many families may face on a typical day in their lives and the unknown possibilities that come with it.

Many families start their day with the sound of the dreaded alarm clock.  Then begins the hustle and bustle of waking the kids, getting them dressed for school, cooking breakfast, taking time to eat and if there is any time left, maybe get a little news in.   You look at the clock and the minute hand seems to have turned at a much faster rate than anticipated.  You ask yourself, “Where did the time go”?  Then your hopes of getting out on time are dashed when little Johnnie or Susie tugs on your dress and say, “Mommy I need to go pottie”.  You look at your watch and say to yourself “Oh my, I’m gonna be late for work”.

After loading the kids in the Mini Van and arriving at the school, you noticed the usual long line of cars waiting to deposit their children.  At this time you peep at your watch only to find that the minute hand has moved another 15 minutes which leaves you only half an hour to get to work. Your stomach is in knots, fearing you will be late again for work and will have to face the disapproving stare of the boss.

After combating the heavy traffic on the way to work, you miraculously made it just in the nick of time.  After walking into your workplace, you look around the windowless office and with a sigh wonder, “What fires will I have to put out today”? You then notice your desk, located in one of the many cubicles, still had some unfinished projects from the prior day that needs to be completed, not to mention the usual onslaught of new projects that was to come later on. Well here comes the job related stress, that many employees probably experience on a daily basis.

Well on this particular day the boss called a special meeting which seems out of the norm because the usual meetings were held on Mondays, today is Wednesday. After wishing everyone a good morning, she starts out with the usual conversation on meeting deadlines, as well as, other work-related matters.  While she was talking, you drift off into a dream-like state, wondering if only I can become my own boss; to become independent, free of all this stress…. just to have more control over my life. A smile was beginning to develop when suddenly you hear the boss say, “There may be a lay-off due to company budget cuts”. You then snap out of your momentary blissful state and back to reality, wondering, did she just say there might be a lay-off?  “Here goes my job security”! And with it, worry began to set in and a chain reaction of thoughts on how can I come up with a plan to offset the possibility of becoming one of the unemployed.

After picking up the kids from school and arriving  home from work , you immediately sit down with your spouse to hash over what actions to take in case you’re laid off. You know that unemployment will take a heavy toll on the family’s finances as well as your livelihood.  One of the first things you do, is to take a close look at your debts and then come up with a budget.  After a closer look at your financial status, you see that the family has over $90,000 worth of debt.   Oh how wonderful it would be to become debt-free right about now! Seems as though all your dreams of becoming a home owner, going on vacations, and just having a peace of mind just went down the drain. You begin to say to yourself, there’s gotta be something out there that can help me fulfill all my dreams!

At the end of what seem to be another frustrating day, you stare out your window and watching the sun go down, you’re thinking to yourself, ”Somewhere out there there’s a diamond in the rough, and I just have to find it”.

This is the reality for many who find themselves in similar situations. Regardless of what occupation or income level we’re in, we find ourselves facing at least one or more of the obstacles mentioned.  Whether it be obtaining financial freedom, becoming our own boss, taking control over our lives, or just having quality time to enjoy life we must find that niche that will open the doors to success.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

We have very few choices to make in order to break this cycle of day to day frustrations.  It’s time to take action to change the quality of life that we’ve been dreaming of in order to obtain that peace of mind we’ve been seeking.  We are the product of the choices we make. Either we stand by and allow our current situations to remain the same only to find ourselves only dreaming of a better life or take measures to change our circumstances and make our dreams turn into reality.

There is so much information and opportunities out there that is right at our fingertips . The problem is the fear of the unknown or we just can’t see the numerous opportunities that’s available, In other words, as the saying goes, “We can’t see the forest for the trees”.

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